Tips for a great sex life throughout your pregnancy

Getting pregnant means a lot of changes are on the horizon, but your sex life shouldn’t be one of them. How often you have sex or how great your sex life during your entire pregnancy is really up to you. Sex is generally recommended at all phases of pregnancy—from the first, rollercoaster trimester all the way to the final weeks until labour.

Sex is an incredible resource to rebuilding intimacy, especially during pregnancy.

Let’s go through why you can and should have sex throughout your pregnancy, and some sex tips for each trimester.

Why you can—and should—have sex during pregnancy

You’re probably wondering if it’s safe to have sex during pregnancy, i.e. the baby won’t feel or see anything. Of course, it’s safe, but it does come with some unexpected, temporary curveballs, like how to manage a growing belly, and comfort levels of each position.

The fact is, having sex during pregnancy is often recommended. For those nearing the end of their pregnancy, sex can help move things along to get the baby prepared to come out.

But here are some other, very important reasons why you should—and can—have sex during any stage of pregnancy:

  • It can be pleasurable
  • Can create increased intimacy between partners
  • Possible increase in sex drive
  • Sex may provide stress and pain relief
  • Can helps improve sleep and overall mental health
  • Strengthens pelvic muscles
  • Could support a person to get ready for labour

Sex tips for great sex throughout pregnancy

Sex will vary during each phase of pregnancy. Let’s begin with a few general tips to make it a great experience:

  • Prioritize your own comfort levels. If it doesn’t feel good, try a different position.
  • Strive for more lubrication while having sex. Try incorporating lube for couples, like K-Y® Lubricant - Naturals, to avoid vaginal dryness.*
  • Communicate with your partner. If something is working, let them know to keep doing it, or vice versa.
  • Experiment. A bonus with a bigger belly means trying new positions.

First trimester

The first three or so months of pregnancy are chock full of surprises like nausea or extreme tiredness. It’s still okay to do the missionary sex position, as the bump isn’t too big yet, but go slow. Try foreplay instead, or oral sex.

Second trimester

As your bump gets bigger, limit the amount of on-top sexual positions. Try some side-lying positions, or cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, or rear-entry positions. As you get into this trimester, and especially the next, prone positions might not feel good, as well as remaining in them for too long, so experiment with what feels good.

Third trimester

In the last few weeks and months of pregnancy, everything might hurt, feel swollen, or exhausting. Avoid laying down for too long in a sex position. Even rear-entry sex positions may not feel great with the weight of your belly hanging down. Standing sex is great, especially in the shower. Incorporate more oral sex, sex toys, and slow foreplay into your routine at this point.

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