Why getting a good night's sleep makes for better sex

We’ve all heard that having sex makes us sleepy. It’s what makes those post-sex cuddles so great—you can drift off into dreamland if you have the chance. But have you thought about how sleeping can make your sex better?

It’s true: according to Psychology Today, fatigue is one of the driving causes for a lowered libido. (That won’t help any potential after sex snoozes.)

Here, we’ll go through what sleep does to our body, why it’ll help make your sex hotter and rebuild intimacy, and a few tips for a better sleep routine and catching some more ZZZs.

How sleep affects the body

It’s often recommended that we get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. For many of us, that’s a dream we wish could be fulfilled. But those aren’t arbitrary numbers: it’s the ideal balance for our bodies to recoup from the day and repair. Too little sleep, often cited as less than 7 hours, leaves us irritable, unfocused, and unable to concentrate.

Sleep isn’t wasted time. During those coveted hours, sleep is doing the following:

  • Brain processing. Sleep helps create pathways in the brain to learn and keep new memories. Additionally, sleep helps us to regulate our emotions.
  • Tissue repair. If you’ve ever had sore muscles after working out, sleep is one of the few things that’ll help mend those tissues.
  • Immune system restoration. Regular sleep helps your body produce the hormones that will protect the cells in your body from illness.

Why sleep makes sex better

For all of the reasons above, sleep is going to make your sex that much better. It’s already proven that a lack of sleep has diminished returns on our bodies and ability to function for most tasks, of course it’s going to affect sex and our sexual relationships. Getting more sleep can help build, or rebuild, intimacy with our partners 

It’s not all bad news though, because there are reasons to keep prioritizing sleep for hotter sex:

  • More energy for sex
  • Higher sex drive
  • Better vaginal lubrication
  • Appetite for foreplay and experimentation, like spicing things up with sex toys

Tips for a better sleeping routine

Now that you know why sleep and sex go together so well, here are a few tips to tidy up your sleep hygiene and maximize your sexual encounters.

  • Take a bath. Let your muscles loosen up and wind down your brain in a tub full of warm water, maybe one with bubbles or a sprinkling of lavender scented bath salts to get you ready for sleep.
  • Less screen time. Put down your phone or tablet and turn off your TV at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep. Giving your eyes a break will make it easier on your brain to wind all the way down. Try reading an honest to god physical book (maybe a romance novel?)
  • Sex tip? Have sex! We’re serious—spice things up, too, add some sex toys. Physical activity is a great way to tire out the brain and body to prepare it for sleep. Keep the physical part light to moderate. Try K-Y® Lubricant - Naturals* lube for couples as well for heightened sensations you’ll keep locked in your brain all night.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label.