For over a century K-Y has been helping take sex lives of couples around the world up a notch
Over 100 years ago, K-Y created the world’s first lube. From there we’ve been helping couples smooth over life’s frictions that get in the way of great sex with a range of innovative lubes designed with pleasure in mind. As couples continue to look for new ways to add fun to the bedroom, K-Y continues to be the secret weapon for less friction and more fun.


Tube of K-Y lube from 1904

K-Y is born in NYC

Like so many crazy stories, ours starts humbly in New York City, though at the time you might have had to bribe your doctor to take us home.


Pin-up girl holding up her bra with her teeth

Sexuality gets the Hollywood treatment

Cinema takes the pin-up girl to the mainstream. Though it celebrated machismo sexuality, it challenged prudent attitudes of sex past.


Birth control pills

The thrill of the pill

After years of effort, the section of the Canadian Criminal Code making it illegal to advertise or sell birth control was finally removed in 1969. Combine this with the Feminist Movement and, you have yourself a full-blown sexual revolution.


Two gay men hugging during a Pride celebration. 1979 Pride parade and large flag held by crowds of people.

Pride takes stride

Canada’s first Gay Pride Celebrations take place in Vancouver and Montreal, marking a decade since Stonewall and over a decade of brave sociopolitical action in the LGBTQ+ community. Hell yes.


Tube of K-Y lube from the 1980’s

K-Y becomes a bedroom staple

We finally get the green light to sell our lubes in stores across North America. We go on to become synonymous with sex and an icon of the era.


Image of Canada’s Parliament Hill with Canadian flag swinging in the wind

Power in every space

Canada elects our first female Prime Minister, another example of women reclaiming power in every aspect of our lives. Bedroom, boardroom, and beyond.


K-Y’s first advertisement

K-Y makes a splash

It took just shy of two Millennia for the world to see their first lube ad. Our inaugural campaign was beyond words.


Image of two brides on a wedding cake topper with rainbow background

Love is Love

The federal Civil Marriage Act came into force on 25 July 2005, making same-sex marriage legal across Canada. Canada became one of only four countries to protect our rights to love who we want.


Close up of couple kissing in a circular border

Sex gets smart

The information age makes sex more diverse, accessible, and anonymous. In 2012, Tinder launched in Canada making our dating pool broader than ever, and the perfect match just an arms length away.


K-Y lube bottle next to a pair of legs on a bed

Pleasure becomes priority

Canadians under lockdown have become more attuned to what makes us happiest alone and in our partnerships. Gender’s non-binary, sexuality is fluid, needs are celebrated, and sex? Well, it’s whatever you want it to be. More inclusive. More diverse. It's owning your pleasure, every day.