How to have a great sex life at every age

One of the most prevailing and stubborn myths about sex is that it’s going to stop at a certain age. One, it doesn’t, and two, it doesn’t even stop being great after a certain age. Sex changes in a similar way to how our bodies change, or even our brains, as we age. From our 20s to our 80s and beyond, sex can be a fulfilling, pleasurable, and a fun activity with our partners. From foreplay and sex toys to rebuilding intimacy and passion with a decades-long lover, sex is simply something you work at to make great—and it really doesn’t even need that much work.

Here, we’ll go through why sex changes as we get older, and some specific sex tips for each age on how to spice up your ever-evolving, fun sex life.

Great sex at every age

A lot of why sex changes and feels different for each person begins and ends with our libido. For many people in their late teens and early 20s, their libido is in overdrive. For people who can get pregnant, it largely has to do with fertility and getting pregnant. Hormones like testosterone play a big role in arousal, too, and that’s normal considering it’s high in this age range.

Sex starts to differ in the 30-40 range as some people may feel more confident and secure in expressing their sexuality and desires. At that time, testosterone levels for men may begin to level off, while women begin to feel their sex drive at its peak. Of course, pregnancy is a key factor for how often sex is being had or even desired. Typically in this age range, there are a lot more pregnant people, and the way they like to have sex may change during or after pregnancy. Later in life, when adult children have left the nest, people feel a fresh spark ignite where they can express their sexuality freely with their partner and have all the tools in their back pocket to spice things up.

Great sex happens at every age. A lot of how it feels at one and not another in life depends on lifestyle, environment, and how comfortable you are with a partner.

Sex tips for any age

Let’s break down four key sex tips to have great sex at any phase of your life.

Experiment to see what works for you

Whether you’re with a brand new sexual partner or a long-time love, it takes a bit of time to work out the sex kinks, if you will. Try new positions, sex toys, extra long foreplay. Remember to use condoms for protection. This is a perfect time to safely and positively figure out what you like, love, or don’t care for at all.


Confidence is extremely sexy. There’s power in asking for precisely what you need: whether it’s a specific fantasy fulfilled or lube for couples, using K-Y® Lubricant -Naturals* to heighten sexual sensations, say what you need.

Use lube

Lube usage at any age makes sex fun and feel great. You’ve communicated what you like and what you want in the bedroom. And with lube already part of your pleasure repertoire, you won’t need to worry about vaginal dryness.

Prioritize your safety.

From practicing safe sex with condoms to choosing sex positions, it’s important to prioritize yours and your partner’s safety. This can also mean being aware of your surroundings so that you don’t fall, bump into anything sharp or break anything, in case you’re romping in the kitchen, shower, on the balcony, or wherever you like to get it on.

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