What is the best lube for sex toys?

3 Tips to Choosing the Best Lube for Your Sex Toy

Pairing your sex toys with lube is *chef’s kiss*. Lube gives you a silky texture to reduce friction and improve sensations for external and internal stimulation. Whether you’re using a wand-style vibrator, butt plugs or penis strokers - lube can enhance your pleasure experience. Always read the product label to make sure the product is right for you and how you’re using it. Who doesn’t want more sexual satisfaction?! Choosing the right lube type for your favourite sex toy can be confusing because different lubes have different features. Which lube is right for you?


Here are 3 Tips to Choosing the Best Lube for Your Sex Toy

1.   Consider the material of your sex toy.

Some lubes are incompatible with certain sex toy materials and can damage your toys over time. Most sex toys are made of one of these materials: silicone, glass, stainless steel, plastic and rubber. If you’re using barriers (e.g. condoms) with your sex toys or have concerns about use, have a look at the label for best uses and compatibility.

Water-based lubricants are the most popular lubricants. They are readily available, easy to clean up and compatible with most sex toys. K-Y® LUBRICANT - Naturals® Intimate Gel is perfect for pairing with most sex toys whether you’re using a toy internally or externally.

Oil-based lubes are compatible with most sex toy materials. Oils can provide a velvety texture between you and your sex toy. They are long-lasting - great for marathon sex! Using a sex toy with a sensation-enhancing lubricant like K-Y® LUBRICANT - TOUCH® 2-in-1 can take your pleasure to another level. This lubricant brings a bonus to your sex toy play because it’s a 2-in-1 warming oil and personal lubricant. You get the sleek texture of the lube PLUS the enhanced warming sensations of the oil. Keep in mind oil-based lubes are not compatible with latex barriers like condoms, gloves or dental dams.

Silicone lubricants have a unique texture that feels very soft. It’s a good choice for sex toys that are NOT made of silicone. Using silicone lubricants on silicone sex toys can cause your toy to degrade over time and become harder to keep clean. Silicone lubes tend to last longer, making them good choices for sexy fun where you need to re-apply lube often, like during anal play. If you want to use a lubricant with your silicone sex toy, try a water based lube like K-Y® LUBRICANT - Jelly. It’s thickness will effortlessly glide with silicone toys.

2.   Think about how you will use your sex toy.

How you want to use your sex toy might impact your choice of lubricant. Consider things like:

  • Will you be masturbating in the bath or shower? Using a water-based lube in the shower means it will wash off quickly.
  • Are you spicing things up with a partner? You might need different types of lubes for different types of sex toys with a partner. If you’re using sex toys on someone else’s body, remember to check in and re-apply if needed.
  • Are you using condoms or other barriers? Some lubricants are compatible only with certain types of condoms, dental dams and gloves. Always read the label before use to get instructions on the best choice for your latex or non-latex barriers.

3. Honour what your body needs.

Your body can have different lubrication needs depending on what’s going on in the rest of the body. Your physical signs of arousal might be impacted by things like certain medications, chronic conditions, menopause and others. Help supplement your natural lubrication with K-Y® LUBRICANT - SENSUAL SILK® Liquid to get your body prepared for sexy fun!

Finding your lube groove can take some trial and error. Stay connected to your pleasure, what feels best for you and what your body needs. Take good care of your sex toys by keeping them clean after each use