K-Y Canada’s guide to erogenous zones

Erogenous zones are the body’s neat way of telling you something feels good. There are a few that you might expect (clitoris, nipples) and some that are unexpected (behind the knee?) But that’s the absolute magic of the human body: pleasure can come from unanticipated places.

Here, we’ll unpack what an erogenous zone is, what are some common and unexpected zones among the over 35 that exist on the human body, and some ways to incorporate them to spice up the next time you’re having sex.

What is an erogenous zone?

An erogenous zone is an area on the body that, when touched, feels pleasurable. Some erogenous spots have more nerve endings, which makes them highly receptive to touch and heightened sensations. They can spark a skin-tingling feeling, or heat, or general excitement, like when someone tickles a sensitive spot.

These zones often feel good when touched solo, like stroking or caressing. They even feel good with sex toys. Quite often many other spots feel the best when with a partner. They are highly sensitive areas of the body that often one can’t access on their own or stimulate in a way that’s more effective or enjoyable like when it’s with someone else.

There’s no real conclusive evidence on why erogenous zones are the way they are. Just another magical revelation of the body.

Where are erogenous zones on the body?

There are many, many erogenous zones on the body, and some are quite common among people, and others are very specific. Simply because you have those bits on your body, it doesn’t always mean a pleasurable sensation will occur when it’s touched.

Let’s run through some of the common spots and a few interesting ones:

  • Clitoris. With over 8,000 nerve endings in this tiny pleasure bud, you know this is going to the top of the list.
  • G-spot. Another tiny bud filled with a ton of nerve endings, this sometimes elusive spot has by some reports played a role in female ejaculation.
  • Pubic mound. The fleshy bit above the clitoris. Massaging this area can help stimulate multiple spots at once.
  • Foreskin. Found on uncircumcised penises, this thin layer of skin has an abundance of nerve endings.
  • Glans. The head of the penis, or the glans, is quite sensitive to touch because of the abundance of nerves in it.
  • Areola and nipples. This area of the body gets the same part of your brain connected to genital stimulation firing.
  • Lower stomach. The spot between the belly button and pubic area is highly susceptible to touch, and may stimulate the G-spot from the opposing side.
  • Neck. The neck is highly specific to each person; a single touch can send someone into an erotic fever dream.
  • Inner thighs. The skin on our inner thighs is so sensitive it makes sense that a kiss or a caress can quickly get the blood flowing and heat pumping.
  • Scalp. If you’ve ever had a head massage, you know how good the scalp feels when touched.
  • Inner wrist. A fun area where you can feel the pulse point on the body; go slow and lightly caress it to light up that area and more.
  • Behind the knee. Probably the most forgotten erogenous zone, this area behind the knee is deeply sensitive and would benefit from a massage or a kiss.

Sex tips: How to incorporate erogenous zones into sex

A lot of these areas on the body can be stimulated as part of a flirtation (like touching the inner wrist or neck) or foreplay or during penetration as part of a multi-tasking effort to climax.

Some tips on how to make the most of your erogenous zones:

  1. Start slow. So many of these spots on the body are heightened through slow motion and teasing. You can tell how excitable someone’s erogenous zone is by deliberately and intentionally touching that spot and increasing speed if need be. Remaining unhurried also builds and rebuilds intimacy between partners.
  2. Touch every single spot. How do you know if a spot is going to elicit a pleasure response if you don’t touch it? Be steady, start top to bottom, and go back and forth to see how intense a zone can feel for someone.
  3. Try lube. Many of the erogenous spots on the genitals for any gender can benefit from the addition of a lubricant for couples like K-Y® Lubricant -Naturals*. Try a small amount on the pubic mound of your partner, caressing and massaging, or incorporate it into massaging and touching the glans and foreskin as part of foreplay.
*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label.