Congratulations on being part of a generation that continues to redefine each and every lifestyle expectation. A new world of spontaneous adventure is waiting for you to explore, and K-Y is there to help take your intimate experience even further.

With more confidence, an improved body image, and a stronger emotional relationship with your partner, you might just be experiencing a recipe for the best sex of your life. Here's how:

Part 1: Mind the Body
Better sex doesn't just involve movement in the moment; "sexual activity is an entire body experience, and it is important to keep muscles, blood vessels and nerves performing at peak levels," says Dr. Tina M. Penhollow, an assistant professor at the Florida Atlantic University. Penhollow, who recommends aerobic activities like jogging, swimming and biking, says that "endorphins released during physical activity are related to the production of the sex hormone testosterone, which can raise libido." [1]

Part 2: Focus on Foreplay

1. Make an intimate connection to get in the mood
Start by sending some subtle hints to your partner that let them know you're ready to get in the mood. Try starting with a long hug, cuddling or a neck and back massage.

2. Rekindle the fire by boosting your partner's confidence
Provide your partner with affirmations that compliment both their ‘inner’ characteristics (their kindheartedness, supportiveness, giving nature, etc.) and their ‘outer’ characteristics (i.e. your favourite physical feature of theirs). Let your partner know when you're enjoying their hugs and kisses and compliment them on their caresses; it will go a long way towards kindling the flame in the moment.

3. Communicate what you want from your partner
Let your partner know what you want. Do you want a massage? Perhaps you want to introduce K-Y products into your relationship, such as K-Y WARMING® Jelly, which provides a gentle warming sensation. Communication is the first step towards ensuring comfortable, fun sex!

4. Turn up the heat even further
Try one of the K-Y products that warm as you massage. K-Y TOUCH® 2-in-1 WARMING Oil is perfect for massaging all over the body, while K-Y YOURS+MINE® Couples Lubricants are built for two, allowing you and your partner to have fun together.