Your love life after 40 can be as fulfilling (or more!) as it was in your younger years. In your 40s you would have outgrown the inexperience and social faux pas that came with youth. You know how to rock your body – and your partner’s – meaning your intimate life has the potential of reaching an all-time high.

Own the confident and sexy woman that you are with the help of the few debunked myths (and facts) below.

Women Over 40 Are Past Their Peak

False. Though some women may experience a decrease in their libidos after age 40, a lot of women don't mind it. Remember the old adage about quality, not quantity. Although you might find less time between the sheets, your relationship might be more passionate – leaving you feeling more connected to your partner than ever.

A 40-Plus Body Isn't Desirable

Absolutely false. In your 40s, you’ve had years to learn to love and celebrate your body. Building intimacy isn't about how you look, and it certainly isn't about the perfect body. Focus on sharing how you feel before, during and after an intimate experience. Try taking time to explore and experiment – what worked for you at 20 might not do the trick anymore. Do more kissing and cuddling. Experiment with whole-body massages and vibrators to make intimacy more fulfilling – and more fun – at any age.

Dryness Happens

True. It's true that hormonal changes you experience as you age can lead to occasional vaginal dryness. This is completely normal. When things become a bit dry, just reach for a personal lubricant from K-Y®. If you just need moisture, K-Y® Silk-E can do the trick, but if you're in the mood for a little more adventure, try K-Y® YOURS + MINE COUPLES LUBRICANTS®, which includes two lubricants, one formulated for women and one for men, in a single package.

You Still Need Some Form of Birth Control

True. Though you might be experiencing hot flashes and other premenopausal symptoms, your ovaries haven’t “retired” yet. In fact, they might keep kicking until you're well into your 50s. So, unless you’re in the market for a potential later life pregnancy, don’t take various forms of birth control off the table.