Of course you're thrilled to have a new little one. And while you adore your guy as much as ever, it’s understandable that you're not feeling as ready for intimacy as you'd like. Numerous factors linked with having a baby can make physical intimacy less appealing.

The good news is that you can take steps to restore your libido, keeping your relationship, and sense of closeness strong. To rule out any medical issues and ensure you are physically ready to be intimate, doctors recommend holding off on intimacy for six or more weeks. And, when you think you’re ready, make sure you get your doctor’s OK before you get intimate again.

Seek More ZZZs

It’s no secret that having a newborn can make sleep a challenge. And sleep loss is a major libido tanker. If your baby's sleep is erratic, try to sleep, or at least rest, whenever the baby sleeps. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it, or to say no to obligations that stand in the way of taking care of yourself.

Boost Your Body Image

If you look in the mirror after pregnancy and feel less attractive, or see signs of tiredness instead of beauty, remind yourself that you’re a superstar who just facilitated the miracle of birth. Criticizing yourself will only make you feel worse and lovemaking less enticing. Replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations until you actually believe them. Wear colourful clothes that fit you well, rather than sticking to loose sweats or pajamas. Every now and then, take time to put on makeup, dress up, or visit the salon. A little TLC can go a long way in getting your sexy back.

Try Sexual Aids

Childbirth and breastfeeding can cause vaginal dryness, which can decrease desire and make physical intimacy uncomfortable. When making love, use a lubricant, such as K-Y SILK-E®. This lubricant provides immediate moisture-enhancing comfort. Or introduce a fun product, like a couple's vibrator, to amp up the passion and enhance the romantic adventure. Chances are, the device and your pleasure will both be huge turn-ons for your partner.

Connect Emotionally

Emotional intimacy sets the stage for the physical connection. Don't limit conversations with your partner to just talk about the baby. Spending quality time together chatting about yourselves and your feelings can really strengthen your bond. The more connected you feel as a couple, the more likely you are to get physically aroused.