You just experienced the miracle of birth. While that feeling couldn't be any better, you may sometimes struggle to feel as sexy and confident in your post-pregnancy body as you did before. It’s normal to feel a bit less-than-confident post baby, but read on for tips on how to regain your sense of sexiness for more intimate experiences.

Get Moving

Exercise boosts feel-good chemicals in your brain and body, making it easier to feel relaxed and confident. It is important to get the ok from your physician before doing any exercise. It also helps tone the body, reduces stress, and improves sleep. Luckily, a healthy workout routine is beneficial whether you're breastfeeding or not. Seek activities you enjoy, or ways to make exercise fun. Go walking with the baby in the stroller or hiking with your guy when you can find a sitter. Take an aerobics or spinning class. Too much to do and can't get away? Pump up the tunes while actively housecleaning.

Trash the Negative Self Talk

Shunning your appearance only perpetuates negative feelings about your body, making you feel less secure. Turn the tables around by shifting your language. Each morning, look into the mirror and think or say something lovely to yourself – something as simple as, "You're beautiful, inside and out, just as you are." Affirmations may seem cheesy, but they're known to help. If you catch yourself making a negative comment about yourself, consider what you'd say to a close friend speaking similarly about herself. Then treat yourself as you would her.

Respect Your Appetites

After having a baby, it's normal to have increased hunger pangs – especially if you're breastfeeding, always consult your doctor before using lubricant if breastfeeding. Rather than fight hunger, respect it. Eat when you're hungry and stop when you're comfortably full, relying on mostly healthy foods as a means of self-care.

Tune into your levels of intimacy needs as well. Building intimacy is a powerful way to increase closeness with your partner, reduce stress and help your sex drive after baby. If you're feeling less than confident, dim the lights, light some candles, and ease in, focusing on plenty of foreplay. To increase physical arousal and pleasure, add some personal lubricant but always seek your doctor’s approval for when to become intimate after child birth.

Wear Non-Maternity Clothes

While sticking with loose maternity clothes may seem tempting after giving birth, they may also leave you feeling a bit frumpy. Wear clothes in fun colors and styles to remind yourself that you're not only a mom, but a woman as well – one deserving of clothes you feel fabulous in. Splurge on a new outfit, not fretting over the number on the size tag. You can't quantify sexiness, which comes in all shapes and sizes.