With limited time and countless obligations, it can be challenging to make time for building intimacy – but that only makes it more important. Spending quality time with your guy in and outside of the bedroom paves the way for physical and emotional intimacy, relationship strength, and happier everyday living.

Schedule It

You schedule work appointments, carpools, and medical checkups. Intimacy should rank just as high on your priority list. By scheduling it, you're far more likely to make it happen versus letting it slide. As a bonus, you can savor the anticipation of knowing special time is coming up. Whether you decide on weekly or bi-monthly date nights or extra cuddle time in the morning, jot it all down on your calendar.

Wake Up Early

Cultivating levels of intimacy doesn't require huge blocks of time. If you and your guy are ultra-busy, set your alarm 15 to 30 minutes early. Have coffee in bed, give each other massages, or kiss passionately, letting the make out session lead where it will. Your whole day will likely be better, thanks to the sensual start.

Manage Stress

Stress can really stand in the way of intimacy. Luckily, closeness with your partner can help nuke stress. To keep tension from getting out of control, do your best to manage it in every area of life – before it starts to overtake you. If an irksome situation is zapping your time and energy, do what you can to deal with it. You can also manage stress as a couple, which can be a deeply intimate experience in and of itself. Talk things out. Go for a hike together, or share a sudsy, warm bath.

Shake Things Up

Trying new things helps spur excitement, closeness and desire, no matter how much time you can invest. Surprise your guy with a personal lubricant, such as K-Y® Jelly. Share a sensual quickie before or after work. While you're apart, send him an email or text message, mentioning your fantasies – or simply let him know you're thinking of him and can't wait to feel him close again.