Is it really possible to have a hot and healthy sex life after the age of fifty? A growing body of research — not to mention a whole lot of mature couples who regularly get busy in the bedroom (and perhaps plenty of other rooms)—says yes. Among the many studies and surveys, one conducted by "Modern Maturity" magazine and the AARP foundation found that the majority of men and women between the ages of 45 and 59 do the deed at least once a week.

It may be that these passionate pairs have discovered plenty of age-related sexual pluses — from not having to worry about birth control or menstruation to enjoying a quiet, kid-free home and a surge in self-confidence and life satisfaction. Plus, women now know that it’s easier than ever to deal with issues of desire or discomfort that may lead to vaginal dryness caused by menopause. Some simple and seriously satisfying strategies:

Love Those Lubricants

Although the hormonal changes of menopause may lead to vaginal dryness, making sex anything but pleasurable, the solution is often as simple as reaching for a K-Y® brand product. If moisture is all that’s needed, K-Y Liquid® addresses that issue without the stress or mess. Or, to maximize the mood, a personal lubricant can quickly take your desire from hell-no to HELLO. Women who find that over-the-counter products aren’t enough can also talk with their doctors about prescription hormone creams.

Have Fun with Foreplay

Taking more time to build up to the main event with a hot make-out session, masturbation or oral sex can help to stimulate your brains and bodies, turning you on and making the entire experience more fun and fulfilling. Sex therapists also suggest that couples try out sensual massages with K-Y Touch® 2-in-1 Warming® Oil, vibrators or erotic videos and books as part of the opening act.           

Explore and Experiment

If sexual routines become just that — routine — then it’s time to bust out of your rut. Of course you should keep the lines of communication open so there aren’t too many unexpected surprises, but options for getting more adventurous include trying out sexy lingerie or dressing up in costumes, exploring new positions or having sex in a different location — whether that’s in the house, the backyard or jetting off for a romantic weekend away.

Consider the Benefits

Above all, couples who embrace this time in their lives realize that age is just a number, and that enjoying a steamy and satisfying sex life can in fact be one of the keys to a whole host of health benefits — from lower stress levels and improved mood to a healthier relationship. Talk about a bevy of benefits to put you in the mood, pronto!