Why you should have hot foreplay instead of sex

We know that foreplay is an amazing starter to sex. It’s the appetizer, a taster of what’s to come—as it were. But what if you just did foreplay and that was it? No penetration but still all of that satisfaction?

So much of our conversations and thoughts around sex involve finishing. We live in a culture that prides itself on setting goals and getting to the end of them, and sex is no different. Foreplay has become part of the start of sex, something many check-off as a means to an end—an end that often means orgasm.

Sexual experiences don’t always need to finish—they can just be. Foreplay is one of those beautiful expressions of physical desire and love.

Here, we’ll go through what foreplay is, exactly, with tips for hot foreplay that are less obligatory and more hot intimate moments you can do instead of sex.

What is foreplay and why does it matter?

Broadly speaking, foreplay is pretty much anything but intercourse—or penetrative sex. Oral activities, for instance, like kissing on the mouth and truly anywhere else, is considered foreplay. Foreplay is still very physical, and it can be felt in a very physical manner like a faster heartbeat, goosebumps, faster blood flow for erections and hardening of nipples. Foreplay stimulates.

For the most part, people place foreplay at the beginning of any sexual experience because it’s a way to get all of the physical aspects like blood flow and lubrication going, which is important for the actual penetrative part of sex. In another case, foreplay is a really good way to help or rebuild intimacy between partners. Engaging in foreplay can be very tender, intimate, and slow—neck kisses, hot breath, whispering dirty talk, clitoral stimulation. You name it, it’s probably foreplay.

Sex tips for hot foreplay

  1. Start outside the bedroom
    Kiss in the hallway, kitchen, or makeout on the couch like you did as a teenager. Start anywhere but your bedroom. Keep it steamy before taking it to another locale.
  2. Dirty talk, always
    Dirty talk is one of our favourite ways to engage in foreplay. You have no idea how fast or much you can turn a person on with just whispering some salacious, hot sentences to each other.
  3. Use lube
    Lube for your couple doesn’t have to be just for penetration. Try K-Y® Lubricant - Naturals* for clitoral stimulation, for instance, and further heighten already pretty heated sensations.
  4. Start and stop
    Edging is great in penetrative sex because it keeps everything hot and heightened. You can do that with foreplay too. Start and stop a lot. If you’re getting close to your edge, pull back a little. Remember, foreplay isn’t about getting to the end. It’s about feeling everything, everywhere with your partner. Go with the flow and see where the sensations take you.
  5. Try foreplay all day long
    If you’ve had sex all day long, chances are a good chunk of that was just foreplay disguised as sex all day long. Spice up your foreplay by doing it all day. Lay around in bed together, talking, kissing, touching, and keep switching up what you’re doing. Try sex toys that remain outside on the body.


*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label.