The K-Y Canada guide on how to have great sex

How do we know we’re having great sex? Briefly, if it feels good, or great, or excellent and beyond, chances are you’re having great sex.

Great sex doesn’t need to look like Hollywood’s version of it, like hours-long sex sessions, multiple orgasms, or being out of breath. (Though we still love all of those things anyway!) Great sex is specific, personal, something that can spice up your life, and really be a regular part of your routine.

Ahead, we have the lowdown for less meh sex and more great sex, how often to have sex and make it last longer, and our tried-and-true sex tips to make any sexy sesh exceptional.

What to do before having sex

Great sex with your partner starts with talking to your partner. Below are a few things to do, whether it’s days, weeks or months before, to create the foundation for an amazing sex life together.

  1. Prioritize communication. If you’ve never been intimate with your partner before, it’s a good idea to talk about what you both enjoy, from foreplay to trying out new positions or even using sex toys. And even if you’re already having regular sex, just keep those lines of communication open – it’s a must to make sure you’re both happy and satisfied.
  2. Exploration and experimentation. Ever thought about trying something new in the bedroom? It could be a fantasy you’re curious about or a kink you want to chat with your partner about. Exploring and experimenting can be a lot of fun, plus it’s a great way to get to know what your partner desires. These methods can work wonders to help build or rebuild intimacy.
  3. Consent. Always ask your partner if what you are doing is okay and if it feels safe and okay to them. Their ‘yes’ is the only one you need to hear.

How often should have sex and how to make it last longer

Couples can have great sex every single day of the week or once a week or even every other week. How often you have sex is really up to you—there’s no correct answer.

If you want to make great sex last longer, we have a few ways you can explore in your couple.

  • Foreplay. Makeout like you haven’t in ages, touch each other without penetration, try exploring erogenous zones. Make foreplay work for you if you want the experience to last longer.
  • Take it slow. Try everything you’re doing with or to your partner at a much slower pace. This can heighten sensations all over your body and make the sexy session last longer.
  • Edging. If you haven’t tried edging yet, we highly recommend it. Edging really means just that: bring yourself to the very edge of your desire, a climax on the other side, but pulling back (or out and taking breaks) so that you can maintain that heightened sensation.

Sex tips for great sex

We want everyone to enjoy great sex, knowing that it’s a unique experience for each person or couple based on their preferences. That said, we have a few sex tips that we believe can enhance any sexual encounter and make it truly amazing.

  1. Don’t skip foreplay. Foreplay is usually at the beginning of any sex experience, a way of building up desire, but it can absolutely happen at any time. So, make sure not to skip it!
  2. Try dirty talk. There’s nothing sexier than hearing your partner tell you what they want to do with you before they do it. Experiment with dirty talk with your partner while engaging in foreplay or penetrative sex.
  3. Roleplay. If you’re looking to step out of the box of your sexual routine, give roleplay a try. Meet each other out at a spot as strangers and go home together. Dress up as your favourite characters. Let your imagination run wild.
  4. Use lube. Lube is imperative for great sex. While our bodies do usually create a generous amount of natural lubricant, you can’t go wrong with more, particularly because lube heightens sensations. Try K-Y® LUBRICANT - Warming® Gel* with an added warming sensation on contact, to help jump start intimacy between you and your partner.
  5. Don’t forget to have fun. Sex is fun. Let it be fun. Explore, experiment, have a sense of humour about it, be sexy—do whatever it is to keep the experience fun and satisfying for you.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label.