The Truth about Female Orgasms

There’s a good reason that the female orgasm is still a complete mystery to many men out there. With the different types of orgasms, methods of stimulation, and unique differences between women, the female orgasm is certainly a magical phenomenon.

It’s finally time to reveal the truth about female orgasms. In doing so, more women can better understand their own bodies when it comes to climaxing, whether that be through solo masturbation, foreplay, or sexual intercourse with a partner.

The Female Orgasm Explained

Although orgasms are not biologically necessary to conceive a child, they can help improve vaginal health, lower stress, and not to mention boost sexual pleasure. Here are the top sex tips and facts to better explain the female orgasm.

Women Can Experience Different Types of Orgasms

1. Clitoral Orgasm

The clitoris, which is located in the front of the female vulva, contains over 8,000 nerve endings. As you become more aroused, the clitoris can swell and become more sensitive to the touch. With the right amount of stimulation, either by solo masturbation or foreplay with a partner, most women can experience a powerful orgasm.

2. Vaginal Orgasm

A vaginally-stimulated orgasm occurs through intentional stimulation or penetration of the vagina. However, only 25% of women reported being “consistently orgasmic” during vaginal intercourse. The ability to climax with this technique is thought to be related to the G-spot or as an internal stimulation of the nerve endings that attach to the clitoris.

It Takes Women Longer to Climax

Compared to men, women require more of a “build-up” to experience an orgasm. This may include more arousal, varying types and intensities of stimulation as well as a relaxed state of mind.

An Orgasm Can Last 2 Minutes

Considering the powerful nature of a woman’s orgasm, many can experience this pleasurable state of euphoria anywhere between 20 seconds to 2 minutes. Although, every woman is unique in their orgasmic experiences.

Lubricants and Sex Toys Can Enhance Pleasure

Whether or not you’re able to experience an orgasm through vaginal stimulation, this experience can be heightened with both sex toys and quality lubricant products. Please choose a product that is suitable for you and read all label information before using the product(s).

Although the female orgasm works to increase natural lubrication, it can be beneficial to buy lube for greater comfort and pleasure. A couple of lubes that can assist with comfort and vaginal dryness include the K-Y Naturals Intimate and K-Y Silk-E Liquid.