5 Sexy Summer Date Night Ideas

Want to put your summer into more motion? Look no further than these sizzling suggestions that explain 5 seductive and sensual date ideas for when the sun goes down. They pair nicely with starlit evenings where being smooth is par for the course. Enjoy less date night repetition and more variety.

Sexy Date Ideas That Will Go Oh So Smoothly

Sometimes, figuring out the perfect date night is challenging and can lead to head-scratching instead of action. The warm weather should be an indicator to enhance emotional connection and be more spontaneous with your partner, not hide away at home with no plans to push intimacy. But, if you’re going to stick to bedroom basics, try these 7 ideas that will make your space sizzle if the indoors with air conditioning are more your jam.

Now the countdown to the top 5 sexy date night ideas that will make your summer that much more sensational.

Drive-In Movie Or Park Picture

Oftentimes, local parks will host movie nights where you and your partner can BYOB - Bring Your Own Blankets and snuggle up closely on the grass while watching a classic flick together. It’s less private, but the audience’s laughter, screams or other miscellaneous reactions around you can prompt you to lean into your lover for a smooth kiss.

Alternatively, drive-in movies are a great option for people with cars who want less of a public affair and more of a private show. Arrive early to the screening to find a great parking spot, bring your own snacks, and watch the projected film from the comfort of the vehicle you’re in. Whether you’re in the driver's or passenger's seat, you’re guaranteed to enjoy every view.

Camping Together

If you’re the outdoorsy and adventurous type, a romantic camping trip together can solve a lot of city blues. Find a remote campsite in advance, or simply pitch a tent in your own backyard, and spend quality time with one another – connecting with the nature surrounding you. Share spooky stories, cook over an easy grill, and if you’re in the privacy of your own property, incorporate a little K-Y® Lubricant - Gel* into the equation (however you best see fit). You can even get inspired by 7 foreplay ideas that can set the mood way before bedtime.

Late Night Swim Moment

Are you close to a clean body of water or have a pool and want to make a sexy splash? Plan a late-night swim session with your partner, where you romantically glide together in the cool water. Set the mood with some music if you want a playlist to accompany you as you swim together under the stars. A sweet kiss while down under isn’t out of the question as well, and can perfectly tie the entire date together.

Adult Comedy Show Or Burlesque Bar

In the mood to laugh your issues away or enjoy something more raunchy? Check out the prospects of a comedy or burlesque show in your area. Both suggestions are usually outside the norm for people dating but are sure to spark some newfound interest or attraction. If you’re uncomfortable with nudity, perhaps you’d like some stand-up. And if you don’t feel like giggling, gawk with your partner at a professional performer doing their thing on stage. It’s all in good fun.

Amusement Park That Stays Open Late

Sure, daytime thrills are excellent but nighttime rides are so much better. Check out a fair or amusement park nearby this summer and prepare for an exhilarating sexy date night idea that welcomes both escapism and closeness. Not into the big coasters? Hop on a ferris wheel or merry-go-round together for a slower, romantic experience – giving you room to catch up and sneak a smooch while all the lights surround you. Share a stick of cotton candy or a funnel cake for an extra sweet treat. Summers just call for a carnival, and what’s more perfect than bringing your date along with you?

Chasing Sunsets

Now that you’ve discovered 5 more date ideas that can light up your summer, go chase sunsets with your partner and enjoy every minute together in the warm breeze. There’s always something new to experience – just take the leap and grab it. This summer has your name written all over it.


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