Normalize Using Lube for Pleasure: Sex Techniques You Don’t Want to Miss

Lube is one of the most underrated products that has the power to completely transform our sexual experience. For females, lube helps enhance physical sensations, reduce friction, and increase the likelihood of orgasms! 

So, why is lube kept on the down low?

Well, we are here to uncover the pleasure that lube can bring. Read on as we explore the benefits of lube along with some of our top sex tips and techniques that can be elevated using K-Y lubricant products.

Lube Benefits for Relationships 

For females, vaginal lubrication is a must-have to pleasurable sex. Lube features as a way to make sex a little more slippery which helps to minimize friction for hours at a time! Having a well-lubricated penis is also mutually beneficial as well. Not only does it prevent damage or discomfort to the delicate surrounding tissues, but it can also make intercourse far more pleasurable. 

According to sexologist 
Dr. Jill McDevitt, lube is an essential ingredient to help stimulate arousal for both penis and vagina owners, which contributes to building a higher sex drive, boosting physical intimacy with our partner, and enhancing our sexual experience.

Top 3 Sex Techniques

Lube for couples makes foreplay, intercourse, and everything in between more pleasurable. 

No one is born knowing how to use lube. That’s why we have created our top three techniques for exploring how to use lube in a new, mind-blowing way!

1. Lube helps you explore different types of foreplay

Some of the best uses for lube are not even during sex at all! Lube can be used to enhance the sensations of nearly all kinds of physical foreplay –  from hand jobs to fingering and sensual massages – lube can be used in all kinds of ways.

Lube also works well with sex toys to help improve sensation and heighten physical pleasure during foreplay. However, it’s important to avoid silicone-based products since they are known to break down the material in most sex toys. 

When in doubt, the water-based lube type is the best option! We recommend K-Y® LUBRICANT Naturals® Sensitive Gel* for all your foreplay pleasure. This water-based formula is made with natural ingredients free from any artificial fragrances or colours so that you can use it anywhere on the body.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label before use.

2. Lube can make new positions easier to try

One of the best ways to spice up your sex life is by incorporating a little lube to help explore new, more pleasurable sex positions with your partner. 

Lube is especially helpful in guiding the penis in during penetrative sex. For this reason, it can be used to try out a new position you may not have thought was possible before! Some of the best ways to incorporate lube are in positions that involve more grinding-type motions, such as forward or reverse cowgirl, standing one-leg straddle, or any kind of variation of the missionary position.

3. Lube can be oh-so pleasurable during masturbation

If self-love is your preferred form of pleasure, lube can be a great addition to the fun. Simply apply a few drops of lube to your finger or palm of your hand and gently massage yourself. The intense lube sensation can help your skin glide across your body smoothly, leading to a more enjoyable (and orgasmic) experience.

The Bottom Line

There are so many ways that lube can help elevate your sexual experience. No matter if you choose to use lube with a partner or during solo play, lube can take your pleasure to the next level. 

With K-Y, our impressive formulas are made to take your sex life from good to ooooh yaaaaa. Find a product today!