What is a Normal Sex Drive?

Are you and your partner struggling to get back your sex drive? No matter if it's a few days or a few years, the changes in your sexual desires can be repaired. Find out what it means to have a “normal” sex drive, factors that may be affecting it, and what you can do to increase it.

What’s a Sex Drive?

Sex drive is another way to describe the libido, which is a person’s overall desire for sexual activity. Our sex drive can be influenced by various different factors. For example, age, hormone levels, relationship satisfaction, social situations, medication, and mental health can all play a role in either increasing or decreasing our libido.

Sex Drive in Men and Women

Generally speaking, the difference between men’s and women’s sex drive has a lot to do with hormones. More specifically, testosterone is thought to cause men to reach a higher sex drive much earlier than women. However, there are plenty of other factors that can contribute to a higher or lower sex drive in men compared to women.

What is a Normal Sex Drive

Keeping in mind the differences in people across different ages and sexes, what is “normal” for one person may be totally abnormal for another. Our sex drive is more of a spectrum that is constantly in flux. One day it’s high as ever can be and the next it’s gone. Fortunately, there are ways to get your sex drive back on track.

How to Increase your Sex Drive

If you or your partner are experiencing intimacy issues, there are several sex tips  to help get you both out of your head and into the bedroom. Here are some practical ways to help increase your sex drive: 

  • Sex therapy
  • Aphrodisiacs, such as oysters or chocolate
  • Regular exercise
  • Sex toys and sensual lubes
  • Focus on foreplay
  • Quit smoking
  • Manage symptoms of anxiety

Over To You

Sex drive plays an important role in our intimate relationships that continues to change over our lifespan. Depending how often sex is a part of your relationship, you can easily determine what is “normal” for you and your partner and what is not. If you and your partner are experiencing a low sex drive, try out some of these sex tips to get your libido back up and thriving.