New Year, More Pleasure

Keeping your sex life alive is not just a late-night fantasy you dream of. Although you may have a strong sexual attraction to your partner, the butterflies have worn off and the classic bedroom routine has set in which can lead to a serious drop in your pleasure. With the busy holiday season upon us, you may feel like your intimacy has reached an all-time low. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to spice up the intimate side of your relationship. We have discovered a couple helpful sex tips that will transform your monotonous bedroom activities into a sexual paradise that helps to stimulate, empower, and pleasure both you and your partner for many years to come. 

Explore New Positions 

While your classic missionary position is great for skin-to-skin touching and kissing, there are so many other positions you can explore to enhance the pleasure in the bedroom. One of the best ways to try out new positions is by starting slow and ramping up in the process. While it may be more comfortable to begin in the missionary position, allow your bodies to harmonize and move freely into the next position. 

Switch it up organically by verbalizing what you want or moving your body in a way where you’re guiding your partner to follow along. For example, if your partner is on top of you, flip them onto their side as you raise your body up on top to enter into a “cowboy/cowgirl” position. From here, you’ve got the freedom to move your legs and body into a position that is most pleasurable and empowering for you. Extend your legs out, lean back and rest your arms on the bed behind you to experience the raw sensual essence of this new position.  

Lube Up for Safety and Satisfaction 

Lube is a must-have product to keep on your bedside table for foreplay, intercourse, and masturbation. While the added pleasure is a helpful factor, lubricant may help prevent you from tearing the tissue while performing different sexual activities. Please choose a K-Y product that is suitable for you and read all label information before using K-Y product(s). 

To gain the most pleasure out of your sexual experience, squeeze some onto the surface of your partners skin or sex toy (i.e. penis, fingers, dildo, etc.) and another small amount onto the surface of your body (i.e vagina or anus). If you’re new to lube, it’s helpful to start out with more than you think you’ll need. As you play around, you’ll find out the best amount for optimal friction and pleasure. Start slowly and introduce lube into your foreplay by guiding your partner to touch your nipples, your hips, and then down onto your clitoris before entering you. 

If you’re looking for a new brand of lube try out the smooth and comfortable sensation of the K-Y liquid lubricant or K-Y jelly lubricant. These lubricants are designed to accentuate your pleasure, confidence, and enjoyment, among other satisfying lube features. 

Over To You 

Spark the passion and lust within your relationship by trying out these tips the next time you and your partner get intimate. Whether you’re taking your sexual experience to new heights with new positions or introducing a little extra lubrication into the bedroom, you’re sure to get more pleasure out of these experiences. 

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