Why missionary is still a hot sex position

Sex is wonderful for many, many reasons, and high on that list is how physical and exciting it can be. Our bodies naturally want to move and sex provides us an opportunity to contort and shift in beautiful ways.

That said, there’s still one sex position that is hot, can make sex last longer, and is a bit underrated. You got it, we’re talking about missionary.

Missionary is one of those positions that a) doesn’t sound great or as fun as something like The Pretzel so it gets overlooked but b) can provide some incredibly intimate, sizzling moments between partners.

We’re here with an ode to the missionary position that’ll get you excited for it the next time you and your partner have sex—looking to it for pleasure and a thrill rather than something ordinary.

What exactly is the missionary position?

Missionary, so piously named, is when one person is lying flat on their back with the other lying on top and penetrating that way. Often, the missionary position is more than two people lying on each other and moving back and forth (though haven’t we all been there?) In many cases, missionary can be adapted. The wider the bottom person’s legs are, for instance, the deeper the penetration.

Sex tips: How missionary can be a hot sex position

It’s a classic for a reason, and we give credit where credit is due, but it doesn’t have to be dull. For many, it’s a pretty vanilla sex position. It has been the butt of many jokes and jabs for decades, if not longer than that, because of how automatic, almost, it is to assume this sex position.

To us, missionary is a versatile position. Think of it like a blank canvas. It’s a chance to connect with your partner, face-to-face, in a meaningful way; to connect and take non-verbal cues on what to do next or what feels good. For something so ordinary, it’s kind of an extraordinary position for building or rebuilding intimacy, fostering deep connection, and vulnerability. And all of that is extremely hot.

Other ways to spice up missionary include:

  • Try grinding. If you’re on the bottom, try grinding and moving around, making an infinity symbol with your hips, to feel more intensity in the position.
  • Use sex toys. Add a vibrator to the mix to get additional stimulation while being penetrated.
  • Put your legs in the air. If you start out in missionary and then put your legs in the air, in our opinion, it’s still missionary. This can lead to deeper penetration.
  • Try lube. Lubricants make everything more fun, heightening already pleasurable sensations. Try incorporating lube for your couple like K-Y® Lubricant -Naturals* during foreplay and adding a little bit more when in missionary to see where the feeling takes you.
  • Go slow and deliberate. It’s not just for foreplay! We can’t stress enough how good going slow feels and how beneficial it is for intimacy between partners. Missionary is meant for direct eye contact, kissing, dirty talk, or affirmations of love. It will help make the whole experience last longer.

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