How Lube Reignited My Sex Life

So many people out there have never tried out lube as a way to spice up their intimate life. What’s interesting about this is that many people understand the use of lube; however, we assume that it's meant for older men and women only. If this sounds like you, prepare to be mind blown with these sex tips!

Rather than waiting to hit menopause to buy lube, more young adults are experiencing better pleasure, less pain, and all-around more enjoyable sex. If that hasn’t sold you yet, here is how lube can reignite your sex life.

Lube Enhanced My Pleasure.

It’s important to mention that lube’s sole purpose is not to keep you from becoming dry. Sure it can help, but lube also performs to enhance pleasure and make sex more orgasmic. With the different lube sensations, from warming to cooling, chose to play around with the different types for foreplay, sex toys, and penetration to get the full experience.

If you’re feeling adventurous, lube for couples can help to make anal sex far more satisfying. You can use the K-Y Sensitive Gel for extra comfort.

Lube Boosted My Sex Drive

Let’s face it, we are not always as wet as we think we are. When this happens, sex and foreplay can become a little more uncomfortable with the added friction which, in turn, can decrease your desire to have sex

Lube features as an excellent way to control how wet we are and keep us feeling aroused and motivated to continue having sex.

How I Found the Perfect Lube

There is an abundance of different products on the market. Finding the best lube for you depends on you and your partner’s sexual preferences. For me, the lube composition was an important factor in my decision. While water-based lubes are some of the most natural that work well for all types of sexual activities, gel-based lubes are more slippery to help add a little extra silky-softness to your lovemaking.

No matter the lube type that best suits you, K-Y lubes are incredibly versatile, making them perfect for sex, foreplay, masturbation, and so much more! Always read and follow product label before use.