Lesbian Sex 101

Follow along as we guide you through the most fun and pleasurable lesbian sex tips — from the best techniques and positions to the best lube products to help spice up your sexual experience and everything in between.

How to have sex as a lesbian?

Lesbian sex is the intimate act of two women that involves the stimulation of various different erogenous zones. It can include a variety of different positions, techniques (oral, penetrative, mutual masturbation, etc.), and even sex toys.

Although lesbian sex can differ from one couple to the next, it’s truly whatever sort of pleasurable act of stimulation that is enjoyable to both people.

Popular Sex Techniques and Positions

When it comes to lesbian sex, there aren’t many rules surrounding the “must do” and “must not do”. However, being open-minded, comfortable, and on the same page as your partner is an excellent first step. If you’re unsure where to start, here are a couple of popular sex techniques and positions to try out.

Oral Stimulation

Oral sex is a great foreplay technique that involves stimulation of the erogenous zones of the vagina using the mouth and tongue.

Physical Stimulation

Another common lesbian sex technique is known as physical or manual stimulation. This can be done by using the fingers to gently massage the clitoris or penetrating the vaginal opening.

Tribbing Stimulation

Tribbing, also known as “scissoring”, is a popular position for both women to experience stimulation of the clitoris. Simply connect your bodies together in a way where your legs are “scissored” around one another and allow your vulva to rub against your partners.

Top 3 Tips and Tricks

To go from good to great sex as a first-time or long-time lesbian, there are a couple tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your experience.

#1. Find a Great Lubricant

For starters, a quality lube will be your best friend. Whether you’re playing around with different sex toys or using your own body to pleasure one another, lube features a way to give you and your partner that silky smooth finish for a more satisfying experience.

#2. Incorporate Sex Toys

Sex toys are a great way to enhance pleasure in the bedroom. Many lesbian couples use a variety of vibrators, dildos, or strap-ons to help stimulate their partners’ erogenous zones. When combined with the comforting lube sensations, your body and mind can relax and enjoy the experience even more. Please choose a product that is suitable for you and read all label information before using the product(s).

#3. Be Mindful of Your Partner

No matter what sexual orientation your partner is, it’s important to be mindful of their sexual interests, needs, and boundaries. Having an open conversation about the different sex techniques ahead of time can help you both better understand one another and enhance your experience altogether. Discuss things like which lube type to use and what kind of sex toy would be better for the both of you.