Is it ok to have sex during early pregnancy?

Short answer? Yes! For most people, sex during early pregnancy is perfectly safe and you don’t have to give it up like your favourite vintage or sushi dinners (thank god!). Continue to get your pleasure, your way with these five tips to get the most of your intimate experiences during pregnancy.

   1. Get the Official Green Light

Safe sex is sexy, and knowing what to keep in mind about physical intimacy during your pregnancy will help put the worries away so you can focus on enjoying your pleasure in the moment.

Get in touch with your doctor, as they’ll be able to give you a clear picture of what’s right for your particular situation.

    2. Don't Worry About the Baby

Heated sessions, earth-shattering orgasms, and penetration during pregnancy? Enjoy it all!

A lot of couples fear that getting intimate might hurt their babies. Fear not, a little (or a lot) of between the sheets action won’t harm your baby! If you’ve consulted with your doctor and know what to keep in mind, don’t worry about trying all the favourite moves that get you off. Add that to the natural protection your body can provide, and you can rest easy knowing your pleasure won't cause your baby any pain.

   3. Get Creative !

Looking for new moves to try in the bedroom? This is the perfect opportunity to discover pregnancy intimacy positions to add to your repertoire. Don’t be afraid to get creative and find new techniques that will keep both you and your partner comfortable and satisfied at all stages of the journey.

Keep an open line of communication with your partner - most positions are safe throughout your pregnancy, but if a certain position feels uncomfortable (or deemed unsafe by your doctor) then don’t be afraid to switch it up or try a little manual stimulation.

Exploring more ways to turn that pleasure from good to great? You may be wondering if K-Y lube is safe to use during pregnancy, so be sure to consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding prior to using our products.

   4. Listen to Your Body and its Needs

It’s all about making you feel great! It's perfectly natural to slip into an uncomfortable position or to get an unexpected muscle cramp when you get physical, so listen to your body’s reactions and be vocal in what you need to get to that bliss.

Take breaks when you need it and once you and your partner feel comfortable again, slowly resume. But if you experience any sharp or prolonged pain – especially in your abdomen – or light spotting, stop and contact your doctor.

   5. Enjoy Other Forms of Intimacy

Sometimes sex during early pregnancy is off the table, and that’s okay too! There’s many  other ways to bring you pleasure. A little more kissing, touching, sensual massages and cuddling? Sign us up!

What will make you feel supported and relaxed during pregnancy? Whether it’s a romp in the sheets or a deep conversation with your partner, relish in all the different forms of intimacy you can enjoy during pregnancy.