5 Sensational Ways to Increase Her Pleasure

There’s a certain euphoria that erogenous exploration brings. Discovering sensual hotspots and uncharted territories on the body unlocks more pleasure than ever imagined. And, when it comes to women, it’s vital to please them where it feels right – igniting passion and awakening all senses.

If you’re looking for advice on how to increase excitement in females instantly, read on as you trace, caress, stroke, and lick your female partner’s body in newfound ways. Less tension and more excitement might happen, and here’s how you go about it.

Stimulating Zones You Can Explore On Her Body

The human body has many curves, crevices, and sweet spots. Oftentimes, most areas go overlooked when it comes to sexual intimacy. It’s a lot easier to stick to our favourites. However, don’t rule out other pleasurable regions that could help women get sensation back and may increase their libido. Erogenous zones are highly receptive to touch and heightened sensations – they’re the body’s way of saying things are going smoothly and sensually. Enjoy these lesser-known places on a woman that can bring about a lot of positive responses.

    The Forearms

    More of a hidden treasure, the forearms on her body can be explored by stroking, blowing on, and teasing the small hairs to produce natural shivers. Wrists can also be stimulated by letting out gusts of breath to create cooling or warming sensations on the skin. This area is filled with receptors that have the ability to check temperature – so let your hands and mouth show your female partner how seasoned you can be with providing gratification.

    The Back

    Sometimes ignored entirely, the back may help increase excitement in females instantly through easy massaging techniques. Try a natural-feeling product like K-Y® Lubricant - Naturals® Intimate Gel* – which is a water-based lube that’s gentle and comforting on the skin, making it a great choice for entry-level back rubdowns. Don’t be shy to knead her weary muscles between the spine and shoulder blades while getting lower on the back to really satisfy her sensitive spots.

    Back rubs are intimate, considerate, and passionate. They show her that you really care about making her feel relaxed while getting you both in the mood for more. Use light fingertip strokes, with lube still applied, to touch the sides of her breasts as she’s lying on her stomach. This move can make her feel worshiped and put at ease.

    The Fingers

    Raise a finger if you’ve ever thought of stimulating her fingers. Believe it or not, the hands are chock-full of sensory receptors that can feel a lot of energy and love. Trace over her fingers slowly and lightly with your own, then take a couple and bring them to your mouth – sucking and licking their circumference and depth. You can also apply a finger and hand massage to her by gently pressing down on her touch-sensitive receptors (like the palm of her hand). Perhaps this can act as a love language to better map out your intimacy together.

    The Neck

    One of the most intimate realms of the body lies within the neck, and it’s no surprise that increased sensations spark up. Lightly stroke your fingers across, up, and down the nape of the neck area at first – then use your lips and tongue to kiss and suck the entire landscape (hickeys optional). Instantly, her excitement may be increased, and she’ll tilt her head back to really enjoy the moment – allowing you to take in as much of her as she allows, maybe pulling you in closer for more.

    The Navel And Lower Stomach

    Skip this one if she’s very ticklish but providing her with pleasure in an area so close to her genitalia can be exciting. You can trace circles around her navel and just below with your tongue, fingertips, or a feather for added creativity. If she’s up for it, place an ice cube on her belly button and watch it melt. That form of temperature play could be arousing for both of you.

    Touch And Go

    After exploring the many areas on the female body to touch, lick, and stimulate that may instantly increase her excitement, it’s your turn to make her feel highly valued in bed. Then, once you’re finished teasing her with your new moves, check out 5 positions that can kickstart your sex life for mutual satisfaction.


    *Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label.