Hot Foreplay Tips for the Ultimate Sexual Massage

Massages are a great way to build intimacy, both in and outside of the bedroom, with your partner. A chance to get to know your and your partner’s bodies in a deeper, more sensual way? What’s not to love. Add some more pleasure to your sexual activities with these hot foreplay tips for the ultimate sexual massage!

Set the Mood

It’s not just about hitting all the right spots (although it definitely helps!). Hot foreplay builds on the anticipation even before the sensual massage begins. Help your partner relax, leave the stresses of everyday life behind, and set the mood for what’s to come by making the ambiance just right.

You know your partner best, so go with what works - whether it's drawing a hot bath, dimming the lights, streaming some mellow music, diffusing calming oils, or even a neck rub.

Enhance the Sensations

There’s nothing like that little added touch to enhance the pleasure. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with an impromptu massage, why not take it to the next level by preparing the little touches that make all the difference.
Start with a firm and preferably flat surface where your partner can lie down undisturbed and ready to focus on all the great ways you’re pleasuring their body. Then break out the K-Y Touch® 2-in-1 Warming Oil for a smooth touch that turns up the heat.

Hone Your Focus

Everyone has that sweet spot that gets us going, so why not give those specific body parts some extra love? Ask your partner where they want to be touched, or kick things off with a seriously sexy stimulus - the feet. Not only are they packed with sexual nerves, rubbing them also elevates the feel-good hormones!

Mix it Up

Add some spice to your special massage with some of these foreplay ideas to find the sexy combo your partner will love. Try alternating kneading with light nail strokes, gentle rubs with surprise pinches, and rolling compression with staccato chops.

Don’t forget to give your partner’s erogenous zones some attention too: a quick graze of the inner thighs, your light breath on their ears and neck - at least, we know that drives us wild.

 Go With the Flow

Massages work well as hot foreplay because they stimulate so many senses at once. It’s a time for truly exploring and appreciating each other’s bodies, whether it be for a few hours of sensual touches or if it quickly builds to a hot and heavy climax. No matter where the massage takes you, it’s all about owning your pleasure and sharing that intimacy with your partner.