Get freaky with halloween inspired positions

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to try something new and bring out your freaky side. You’re already dressed up, why not take your characters to the bedroom for a scary good time! We’re sharing our favourite Halloween sex positions to satisfy your cravings.

Trick or Treat

Blindfold your partner (with their consent) and have them ask for a trick or a treat. Use candy as the treat and sex toys as the trick. They won’t know what to expect! Will they be fed a sweet treat or feel the tickle of a feather, the stroke of a hair brush or buzz of a vibrator - you decide!


If you have a male partner or strap on, bring out your bad witchy self and ride him like a broomstick. To make for a comfortable ride, don’t forget your K-Y Lubricant Sensual Silk - Liquid.

*Read product label before use

Ghost Face

Have you ever wondered why Ghost Face has such a long mouth? Take turns laying back and letting your partner lick, suck, tongue swirl all over your body. Go for the unexpected yet highly sensitive spots like ears, neck, nipples before heading down south or you can play with temperature by introducing coolness with an ice cube or heat with our K-Y Lubricant Warming Gel.

*Read product label before use