Foreplay All-Day Ideas: 7 Ways To Set The Mood Way Before Bedtime

Foreplay varies from couple to couple, with each pair bringing their unique spin to this intimate prelude. What is foreplay to you? Often known as the warm-up lap before a main sexual event, sexy foreplay helps start things off by setting the scene for intimacy – acting as a precursor for sex. It brings a sense of frictionless pleasure to the table. While types of foreplay range from soft whispers to full-on contact, every move is worth the buildup. Sometimes the real fun isn’t the sole sprint to the finish line, but the gradual progress of sexual tension that results in a closed bedroom door after the day is over.

That’s what we call all-day foreplay: a dance of charm and seduction that begins at breakfast and culminates in hot passion before sleep time. The following foreplay ideas are all just foreplay suggestions, meaning you don’t have to commit to all of them – but incorporating some into your daily routine will have its pleasure payoffs. So buckle up, because we’re taking you on a ride where every innocent touch and playful glance can serve as an appetizer to an end-of-day feast.

Foreplay Ideas That Bring The Fun

If there is one piece of advice you take from this article, it’s do not skip the tease! Skipping the tease is like missing the beginning of your favourite TV show and only catching the dramatic final minutes… nobody wants to be late to the party. Are you ready for tips on how to foreplay with your partner(s) in both sexy and subtle ways? It’s time to discuss the types of foreplay you can get down with.

The Joy Of Unexpected Kisses

Spontaneous kisses and unplanned make outs have a magical way of sparking romance. From gently moving your partner's hair aside to sensually kiss their neck, to turning a quick good morning peck into a meaningful moment with a hint of tongue, these intentional gestures can ignite passion. Whether it's a simple, slow kiss on the hand or an unexpected embrace in the middle of the day, these are the types of foreplay that create sparks which can lead to unforgettable moments of intimacy and connection at bedtime.

The Power Of Touch

The magic of touch is truly transformative when it comes to sexy foreplay. The graze of your partner's hand as it finds yours, a surprise sensual hug from behind, or the warmth and assurance in your partner's hands as they envelop you in a lingering hug that ends with a cheeky bum grab can make you feel deeply connected and desired. All these different ways of touching are types of foreplay that speak volumes without a word being said.

When desire takes over and waiting is no longer an option, take tender touching to new heights in the bedroom with a sensual massage. Whether focusing on their muscles or those sensitive spots, K-Y® Lubricant – Gel* is a trusted choice to smoothly glide your fingers over their skin, intensifying every touch and sensation.

Engage In Dirty Talk

Whether, by way of sexting with a voice note or speaking in person, dirty talk is typically an effective approach to getting turned on. If you don’t know where to begin, start by simply telling your partner(s) exactly what you want them to do to you or what you want to do with them in a soft, whispering, erotic tone. Another foreplay tip to initiate dirty talk is to reminisce about a sexy time you have already shared that left you wanting more. Dirty talk for intimate purposes has the power to set the mood, ignite anticipation, and leave you turned on all day, eagerly awaiting the main event.

Send A Sext

Sending a dirty text is a playful tease that breeds anticipation, whether it’s a sultry selfie or a sexy fantasy you want to explore.

Picture this: you’re going about your day, minding your own business, then suddenly, ding! – a notification pops up on your phone that alerts you that your partner(s) sent you some media. You open up the attachment and it’s a sizzling snapshot, a worthy form of sexy foreplay. Just make sure it’s pre-established that you and your partner(s) are into that type of messaging. After all, one picture can be worth a thousand moans.

Listen To An Erotic Podcast

Listening to an erotic podcast together can be a fantastic way to encourage couples in foreplay. With so many great options available, they serve as excellent conversation starters and provide a safe space to freely discuss the topics being explored. These podcasts can offer tips and introduce new experiences to try in the bedroom, which you may have been too shy to bring up or were unaware of. This is a simple and effective foreplay suggestion for couples eager for different foreplay ideas. And if podcasts aren’t your thing, set the mood with music instead.

Write Out Fantasies Together

Get to know one another’s deepest, and maybe darkest, fantasies by jotting down your top 10 on paper during the day and asking your partner to do the same. You'll quickly discover why it’s an ideal foreplay idea, the more sexy secrets you write down, the more aroused you'll become. When the mood is right, randomly pick one to bring to life before bed. Get your sexy thinking caps on.

Heat It Up With Some Sexy Shopping

Embark on a steamy adventure together by shopping together for sex accessories like toys, lingerie, role-play outfits, or K-Y® Lubricant – Warming® Gel*. As you explore these spicy additions to your lovemaking, anticipation builds for the moment you try something new and playful in the bedroom. This foreplay idea adds excitement to your everyday routine and strengthens the intimate connection between you and your partner.

Time To Go Play

What foreplay is to you could be different for someone else. Dive into these simple ways to ignite desire all day long with your partner, and discover what you both enjoy most while taking it slow together. Treat every day as a chance to deepen your bond through love and longing, every moment is an opportunity to participate in more fun, with less friction.


*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label.