Everything You Need to Know about Female Sexual Health

Female sexual health is a powerful and inspiring part of women’s overall health and well-being. Having the freedom to decide how to (and how not to) express ourselves sexually is an essential component of a woman’s sexual health.

Keeping with the motto “my body, my choice”, we have introduced some key components to female sexual health from sex tips to vaginal dryness and everything in between.

Maintain Your Vaginal Hygiene

It may go without saying that in order to strengthen our female sexual health, it’s essential to maintain excellent vaginal hygiene. Made up of various intricate internal and external parts, the vulva requires tender love and care.

Here are some ways this can be done:

  • -  Avoid using soap while washing your vagina
  • -  Change your sanitary pads and tampons after 4-6 hours
  • -  Wash your underwear often (especially after sweating)
  • -  Practice safe sex
  • -  Clean your vagina after intercourse
  • -  Clean your sex toys regularly

Vaginal Dryness is Common

Vaginal dryness is very normal and can arise when the vaginal tissues are not well-lubricated, making sex quite uncomfortable. Symptoms of vaginal dryness include soreness, itchiness, light bleeding following intercourse, and mild vaginal discharge.

Fortunately, lube products can help minimize friction during sex, foreplay, and masturbation, making your sexual experience much more pleasurable. It can also help protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) by preventing the condom from breaking during intercourse. Read product label before use.

Orgasms are Healthy

Not only does climaxing feel good, but it’s excellent for your vaginal health too! No matter your age, orgasms help to increase elasticity and improve vaginal lubrication. It’s worth mentioning that regardless of whether you’re experiencing symptoms of vaginal dryness, it’s helpful to supplement with a quality lubrication. The lube features to minimize friction during intercourse and help you achieve a more pleasing orgasm.

The Importance of Sex Positivity and Sex Education

Sex positivity is the willingness to be open-minded to learning about our bodies, our partners’ bodies, sex and the many different aspects of intimacy that are involved. Engaging in more open and honest conversations about sexual activity can help boost self-esteem, improve your body image, enhance your sexual fulfillment, and even prevent STIs and unplanned pregnancies.

It’s so important to continue educating yourself about sex during your lifetime. From acknowledging changes in your sex drive to possible fluctuations in your vaginal health, it’s helpful to address these things with an open, sex-positive mind.