Tips to Enhance Your Pleasure This Holiday Season

Heading into the holiday season, we’re all looking for ways to enjoy more and stress less. On the heels of a couple of intense years, there’s no question we all deserve some festive indulgence. So why not treat yourself to some pleasurable “me time” with these heavenly holiday tips? 

12 Days of Holiday Pleasure Calendar Countdown

It’s time to commit to joy, and that always starts with you. Here are 12 days of tips designed for holiday play and relaxation: 

  1. Indulge a fantasy—take a page or two from the Kamasutra and make a day (or night) of it.
  2. Adorn yourself in all your jewelry and sink into a warm, scented bath like the queen you are.  
  3. Heat things up with a new lube, like K-Y Touch 2 in 1 or K-Y Warming Gel. 
  4. Make a playlist of all the music that makes you happy (and horny).
  5. Schedule a boudoir photography session—it’s the perfect sexy surprise gift for your lover and a great way to help you embrace your inner sex goddess.
  6. Start a morning massage ritual. Warm your favourite massage oil, and starting from your feet, massage it slowly into every part of your body. 
  7. Light up your night with multitudes of candles and twinkly holiday lights and bask in the warm glow.
  8. Make solo time for yourself with your favourite toy and K-Y Sensual Silk. 
  9. Make room for gratitude. Write down three things you’re grateful for each day. Carry your list with you and look at it every time you need a smile.
  10. Enrich your palate and amp up the endorphins with a gourmet chocolate fix. 
  11. Learn how to dance the Kizomba, known as the sexiest dance ever! 
  12. Wrap your body with ribbon, bows, and paper, and invite your lover to unwrap the ultimate gift. 

Holiday love and joy are in the air—revel in the moments that matter, and don’t forget to indulge yourself. Join K-Y After Hours for more hot tips, free samples, and more. Here’s wishing you a happy and pleasurable holiday season! 

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