Couples’ sex games to spice up your connection

When it comes to fun and sex, sometimes it takes a literal game to get things going. That’s why strip poker is a thing—or playing sexy Twister with a lover can be fun foreplay. Such adult-minded games bring some playful energy to a sexy romp before getting down and dirty, or help in rebuilding intimacy between a couple that needs a bit of a spark.

Poker and Twister are two of the most classic games to play but what else is tucked away in the top of your closet that can be spiced up?

We’ve got a few suggestions for your next naughty games night so you can spend less time snoring and more time scoring.

How to spice up your bedroom fun

We’ve got some sex tips for couple games featuring classics with a twist and new ideas for a sizzling night in. Create your own rules, bring sex toys and lube for your couple, or incorporate foreplay. Make the experience your own.

Sexy Jenga

Exactly as it sounds, sexy Jenga is playing Jenga, well, in a sexy way. Turn up the heat and anticipation by seeing how long you can last piling up the blocks before they tumble. Make this game your own by setting rules like stripping clothing if the tower falls, or having one partner must perform a sexy act of choice on the other. It’ll be hard to keep the tower standing, but probably not as hard as keeping your hands off each other.

Strip Go Fish

Go Fish is one of those games you play when you’re really bored. It’s a step up from Solitaire only because it means someone else is playing with you. Give Go Fish, or any card game for that matter, a sexy twist by incorporating a striptease element to it. Have any fives? Go Fish and take your shirt off. See how far you can take the game before everyone’s undressed.

Dirty truth or dare

This is the kind of truth or dare that isn’t meant to embarrass you, like when you played it as a kid. Grown-up dirty truth or dare requires consent, respect, and vulnerability. Truth and dare go hand-in-hand: your partner may reveal a fantasy involving sex toys and lube for couples like K-Y® Warming Lubricant as their truth and dare—the toys make the experience exciting and new, while the lube incorporates a new sensation with your partner taking the lead on your pleasure. Lean into it as a way of building or rebuilding intimacy between each other, basking in how beautiful it can be to share such desires so openly.

Sexy fantasy jar

Having a sexy fantasy jar is a fun way to get your wants and desires on paper. Whenever you’re both feeling frisky, you can dip into it. Make doing one thing from the sexy fantasy jar into a weekly ritual!

Oral dice

What if you rolled dice and the dice amount was the time your partner spent performing oral sex on you? Yeah, we think you’d be into that, too.

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