Ignite your relationship with couples masturbation

There’s something fun and sexy about going solo and giving into your own self pleasure. But have you considered trying that exact thing with your partner beside you doing it too?

Couples masturbation, often called mutual masturbation, is a hot way to explore and spice up your sex life with a partner. Your partner may touch you when you’re touching yourself, or you can take turns watching each other. Perhaps you incorporate sex toys into this solo practice. It’s really all up to you!

Ahead, we’ll unpack why couples masturbation can be an important part of your couple’s sexual repertoire, and some sex tips to take it to the next level so you’re having less thinking to do and more pleasure to feel.

Why couples masturbation can be important

Solo masturbation sessions are a wonderful way to get to know your own body. However, doing this along with your partner can help strengthen two very important areas of your relationship: intimacy and pleasure.


Masturbation can be a very personal and specific act. Involving your patterner in this can lend itself to increased intimacy within the relationship. Engaging in mutual masturbation can be a way to rebuild intimacy in your partnership. If you’re comfortable, it’s a good idea to discuss it beforehand to gauge interest and be open to how this can bring you closer as a couple.


If you haven’t talked to your partner about your preferences—which we strongly encourage you to do!—masturbating with your partner watching can help strengthen both your intimacy and pleasure since your partner is seeing exactly what feels good to you. Of course, sensations may be different depending on how you masturbate versus having sex with your partner, but it’s still a great way to bring them in on your satisfaction. Plus, there’s also the voyeuristic element of watching each other, which can bring heightened pleasure.

Sex tips to ignite your relationship with couples masturbation

If you’ve decided to go ahead and get down and dirty solo (but together), we’ve got some sex tips for you.

  1. Go slow. To make it last longer, if that’s your wish, or just to seduce your partner and yourself, try slowing waaaaaay down.
  2. Try dirty talk. Dirty talk is an underrated form of foreplay. Talk to each other about how it feels, what you’d do to the other if you were touching your partner. Have fun with it!
  3. Use lube. A fantastic way to heighten sensations without having someone touch you is to incorporate lube. Try K-Y® Lubricant - Naturals Sensitive*.
  4. Make it all about masturbation. It’s easy to slip back into familiar sexual routines. Try to avoid that. Make your sexy sesh all about focusing on yourself with your partner.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label.