Building Emotional Intimacy in Bed without Sex

Who says intimacy has to include intercourse?! While we’re not one to shy away from a good ‘ol romp in the sheets, there’s nothing wrong with just having some fun in bed with that special someone. A huge part of building emotional intimacy is creating that trust and open communication with your partner, and a lot of the activities you do outside of the physical can definitely also enhance your sexual experiences.
Here’s some of our fav tricks to shake things up in the bedroom and get your creative juices flowing, all while being intimate with your partner.

 Don’t Be Afraid to Just Have Fun

Treating your bedroom as a place to slip into something more comfortable, drop your inhibitions and get as playful as you want doesn’t just have to be limited to when you’re getting down and dirty. The best way to boost your creativity and giggles in bed is to stop thinking of it as just the place you sleep and make love.
From board and card games, to pillow fights and blanket forts - what kinds of playful activities bring you joy? And why not introduce that to your bedroom? Your bed is a great place to build rest, relaxation, and pleasure in all aspects of your life and a great way to share it with your partner, too!

 Try Out Intimacy-Building Games

We love a good game, and intimacy-building games can be a fun, creative way to strengthen that trust between you and your partner. Games that open up some dialogue that doesn’t normally come up in your day today conversations like “Would You Rather” or “Tell Me a Secret” is a great opportunity to be open, vulnerable, and learn more about each other in a
familiar and comforting setting.

And it doesn’t always have to be serious! What’s the fun of “Would You Rather” if you can’t propose outlandish or silly situations that your partner will have to choose between?
Looking for something more physical? We got you there, too!

Turn On Your Senses With Blindfold Games 

Enhance your senses with a little blindfold fun! These games are a great way to really be intimate with your partner, learn about each others’ bodies, and see how turning up the heat can be as simple as implementing those light touches at just the right places.
Try taking turns wearing the blindfold, and sit facing one another. If you’re wearing the blindfold, gently run your fingers over the curves of your partner’s face, neck, shoulders and chest. Take your time to take the entirety of your partner in, memorizing the way they feel. When you’re finished, it’s your partner’s turn to memorize you.
Another way to utilize a blindfold is to sit and allow your partner to feed you surprise foods in bed. Because you’re blindfolded, your sense of touch and taste will be intensified. This can make for a pretty tantalizing night and a great way to open your vulnerability as a couple to build that intimacy.

Give a ‘Lil Appreciation (Rub)

Whether it’s bills, kids or fretting over the prized promotion at work, the stresses of everyday life can cause your muscles to tense and knot up. Why not release those stresses in a fun, intimate way with your partner by giving a little appreciation rub down?

Hop in bed, break out some K-Y® Warming Jelly and use your hands to massage your partner’s hands, feet, shoulders, back and hips; these are usually the places that carry the most tension. Not only will you and your partner be feeling relaxed by the end of your intimate massage, you will find new ways to make each other feel great. Looking for more massage moves? Check out our massage guide for how to pamper your lover just right.

Just Be

Don’t forget - your presence is always a present in itself! While focusing on things to do with your partner is a healthy way to connect, so is just being actively present with each other. Two of the greatest ways to get present with your partner are eye gazing and reading to each other.

Undivided eye contact can make you feel like being in a very vulnerable space, and is great for building emotional intimacy with someone you trust. Eye gazing is just like it sounds –stare into each other’s eyes for as long as you can (don’t worry, blinking is allowed and we won’t be surprised if it leads to some giggles as well.)

Likewise, reading to your partner, or letting them read to you, is a great way to tune into one another. Hearing your partner’s voice resonate while cuddling is a great way to reinforce security, trust and intimacy within your relationship.