5 New Sexual Positions To Try For Spring

Spring is finally here; for many, this new season is an opportunity for a fresh start. This can look like spring cleaning your home or starting healthy new habits, but it can also apply to your sex life. This is a perfect time for you and your partner to try new things and embrace the fresh possibilities around you.

As the weather heats up, so should your sex life; here are 5 new sexual positions to try. Toss aside your sweats, slip into something that makes you feel sexy, and explore K-Y Canada’s curated selection of the best sex positions for less frost and more fire in your sex routine this spring.

1. The (Spring) Spoon

Let’s start things off slow and easy with the tried-and-true spooning position. According to K-Y Canada, spooning is one of the best sex positions to unlock deeper intimacy and connection with your partner.

How does it work? Both partners lie on their sides facing the same way, with the person who will be penetrated lying in front (AKA the “little spoon”). You may need to feel things out to find a comfortable position, but once you’ve found your groove, the intimacy between you and your partner will blossom.

This position lends itself well to anal sex as well as the all-important clitoral stimulation. And you just can’t beat a sexy cuddle session.

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Try this new-to-you sex position first thing in the morning or before bed for the ultimate sweet dreams. And, if you enjoy taking it easy, check out this article on how slow and steady can win the race toward hotter sex.

2. The Butterfly

This one’s for couples with a taste for adventure. To try the butterfly sex position, the receiving partner should lie on their back on the edge of a bed (or the dining room table if you want to turn up the heat). The penetrating partner stands in front and enters for deep and satisfying penetration.

3. The Bunny Ears

Hop into a steamier sex life with the bunny ears sex position.

To achieve this position, the person doing the penetrating should kneel in front while the partner getting penetrated lies on their back with their pelvis elevated. The penetrating partner then grabs their mate’s ankles for a deep and satisfying penetration experience (forming the “bunny ears”).

Bonus points: the clitoris and breasts/chest will be up for grabs for extra stimulation.

4. The Lotus

Next up is the lotus – according to K-Y Canada, it’s one of the best sex positions to ignite passion and desire.

To pull off the lotus, one person should sit on their partner’s lap. Next, wrap your arms and legs around each other and enjoy getting as close as possible physically and mentally. Use this opportunity to practice eye contact for an even deeper connection and watch your love bloom.

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5. The Wheelbarrow

The final new sex position to try for spring is for the gardening lovers out there.

The wheelbarrow position might not have a whole lot to do with gardening, but it is a great way to nurture your sex life this spring. This position is a little trickier to achieve, but it is so worth it.

The penetrating partner stands while the receiver brings their legs up, so your genitals meet in whatever way feels good. The person standing should wrap their partner’s legs around their waist (think R-rated wheelbarrow race). This one can be excellent for both vaginal and anal sex.

Tips for getting in the mood:

  • Set the mood with music and soft lighting
  • Relax in a warm bath or do something else that helps you relax
  • Watch a movie with sexy scenes
  • Massage each other with lubricant for the ultimate smooth moves
  • Try something new in the bedroom (see the 5 spring-inspired positions above)
  • Make it even more enjoyable to try new positions and techniques with lube. For everyday comfort and pleasurable sex, turn to the classic K-Y® Lubricant - Gel*.

Less friction and more fun (between the sheets)

Whew, is it getting hot in here?! Hopefully, you’ve picked up some seeds of inspiration, and soon, your sex life will be in full bloom with K-Y Canada’s curated list of the 5 best sex positions for spring. If you’re looking for more positions to keep it moving, look at this extracurricular guide.


*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label.