The best sex positions that include toys and lube

Sex positions are usually incredibly fun on their own like doggy style, for instance, or the pretzel or the butterfly. Sometimes, though, you want to spice things up, and a really good way to add a little bit of heat and fun to a position is including sex toys and lube for couples.

Lube already gets incorporated a great deal as is because less friction, more fun is absolutely the way to go, but sex toys have often played a role at the beginning during foreplay. Bringing both lubricant and sex toys into your sexual routine every so often instead during foreplay adds a new element that’ll further heighten those already piqued sensations.

Here, we have five of the best sex positions to try incorporating sex toys and lube.

Sex tips for positions for using toys and lube

These positions are good for using sex toys and lube, or one over the other. Take your pick! Start with one and finish with the other.

The best part of sex is the autonomy you can have over your own pleasure. Ensure you’re asking your partner for what you need, what you like, and reciprocate it back. If there’s a specific sex toy you like, ask for it. If you want to try a certain kind of lube, like  K-Y® Lubricant -Naturals*, ask for it. Spice up your sex routine the way you want to.

Doggy style

This is a perfect position for a strap-on if you’ve got one. Doggy style, a favourite for many, is especially good for couples who want to try a dildo or one that’s a strap-on, perhaps with a little lube to start.


We love missionary for its versatility. Try using a vibrator on the clitoris while your partner is penetrating on top or another instance for a strap-on.

Reverse on-top

Using lube or sex toys for reverse on-top may seem a bit tricky because you’re not exactly seeing what’s going on, so let your partner take the lead. The person on top can try using a vibrator or masturbate with lube while getting penetrated from below.


Whether or not you’re penetrating your partner from behind, as they are the “little spoon,” lube is a wonderful addition to this position. Spooning can be kind of a warm up position and incorporating lube into the mix will help heighten the pleasurable sensations the further along you go.


We had to close it out with an iconic position. Sixty-nine is the ideal position for sex toys and lube. You can use one or both; someone can use a vibrator, while the other is lube on their partner.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label.