A Sensual Massage Guide to Truly Pamper Your Lover

A professional can help with all those knots in your body, but taking the reins on giving a sensual massage to pamper your partner is a fun and pleasurable way to unwind for you both!
Though a couple’s massage might seem like foreplay (and it can be a great one!), it’s also a great way to heighten your connection with your partner and enjoy some therapeutic benefits like building comfort and trust, relieving stress and deepening your appreciation for each others’ bodies.
You don’t have to be a professional to pamper your lover. Here’s our guide to giving a pleasurable, sensual massage for both beginners and pros alike!


Softly stroke your partner’s shoulder blade, gradually applying pressure to the muscles.
Hand rubbing the shoulder of a woman laying on her stomach


Begin by gently caressing your partner’s neck. Use your fingertips to apply light pressure as you trace small circles around their neck.
Hands massaging the neck of a woman wearing her hair in a bun


Apply massage lube (we recommend K-Y® Warming Jelly for a great lubricant that turns up the heat) all over your partner’s back. Start at the base of the backbone and use your thumbs to glide up the muscles on either side of your partner’s spine.


Start at the ankle and work your way to the top of the leg using gentle pressure to massage your partner’s tired muscles. Return to the ankle by using long, tender strokes along the side of the leg.


Lightly stroke between the bones on the top of your partner’s hand, moving from the wrist to the fingertips.
Hand rubbing the palm of another person's hands with a finger


Use your thumbs to sensually massage the ball of the foot. Move up the foot to the toes and massage the sides and top of each toe.
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