5 best sex podcasts you need to listen to

Listen closely. It’s time to tune in and turn up the heat.

In the world of human connection and intimacy, exploring and improving sexual experiences is a growing adventure! Whether you're seeking to infuse excitement into your bedroom, deepen your self-awareness and communication skills, or empower yourself with newfound sexual prowess, the wealth of expert advice available through sex podcasts is unparalleled.

A Feast For Your Ears

From sensual to hysterical, sex podcasts come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve curated some of the best sex podcasts that delve into every aspect of the experience, aiming to elevate your connection with yourself and your partner, offering intrigue, education, entertainment—and perhaps a touch of arousal.

Sex With Emily

If you’ve ever had an awkward sex question, Dr. Emily Morse has an answer. She is your go-to source for empathetic and judgment-free sex insights. "Sex With Emily" covers diverse topics, from optimal sex toys to overcoming anxieties. Dr. Morse combines expertise with approachability and transforms lovemaking into a fun, cultivated skill, sharing nuanced advice beyond simple clichés and the average porn podcasts. Join the interactive community, send in questions, and explore why listeners hail it as one of the best actively producing sexual podcasts!

Savage Lovecast

Savage Lovecast, hosted by renowned journalist and advice columnist Dan Savage, is a classic in the podcast genre. This old but gold show has entertained listeners for over two decades. Dan, an author and LGBTQ+ community activist tackles your burning questions on the crossroads of dating, relationships, politics, culture, and, of course—sex! This podcast offers something for everyone and caters to all gender identities and sexual orientations. Savage's wit, intellect, and candid humour never fail to leave listeners feeling better about their sex lives and coming back for more.

Homo Sapiens

Homo Sapiens, a British podcast led by Alan Cumming and Chris Sweeney, intelligently and informatively explores the world through a queer perspective. All presented with respect, humour, and insight, this erotic podcast spans topics from sex and relationships to narratives from queer sex workers. Weekly episodes include celebrity interviews, engaging conversations, stories, and delightful laughter over tea and biscuits.


Dipsea is where storytelling meets sexual wellness, offering a space where listeners can explore their desires and fantasies on their terms. Crafted by a dedicated team of writers, voice actors, editors, directors, and sound engineers who comprehend the mental and physical aspects of sex, it presents sexy audio stories and intimate wellness sessions. Designed for those who are seeking female erotic stories, the podcast uses auditory cues, lively dialogue, and engaging character chemistry. 

Doing It! With Hannah Witton

YouTuber Hannah Witton redefines sex education, openly sharing her journey dating with a stoma. Bringing realness to her podcast, she discusses purity culture, disabilities in sex work, and being autistic in the kink scene with playful candor. Hannah provides a safe platform for guests to share personal experiences, blending serious sex education with authentic laughter and entertainment. Empowering and inclusive conversations with sex and body-positive guests introduce you to thought-provoking topics (ever wondered about masturbating in space?). You will enjoy listening to Doing It! as it's clear that Witton prioritizes honesty and diversity, infusing both into her uniquely special sexual podcast.

Indulge In Your Senses

Podcasts create a unique and intimate listening experience, especially when it comes to the topic of sex. Feel free to explore this curated list of the best sex podcasts with the hope that they will enhance your overall sexual experiences.