3 Personal Lubricant Warmer Tips for Your Heated Pleasure

We’re all about making comfort a part of our pleasure, and that includes making sure our personal lubricant is at the temperature that feels best for us, for maximum bliss. Sensitive to the cold or just prefer a warmer touch to your sexual sensations? Let’s get heated with these 3 personal lubricant warmer tips and turn up the heat - literally - in your sex life.

Try a Warming Lube

Not sure where to start? Warming lubes like the K-Y® Warming Jelly are designed to warm up upon body contact, making them a great and easy way to introduce warming lubricant to your sexual activity. Add that spark you’ve been looking for and let the fun begin!
To start: Test with a pea-sized amount on you and your partner’s intimate areas, and reapply as you need. Remember, always start with a small amount and adjust as necessary.

Use Your Body Heat

After all, your body knows best. If you’d prefer to use a non-warming lubricant, try squeezing a pea-sized drop of lubricant into your palm and close your hand. Your body heat will warm the product into a more pleasurable temperature before applying to your intimate areas.

Keep It on Hand

A little foreplay can turn up the heat, in more ways than one. Why wait for the pleasure? Try applying a small amount of lubricant onto the back of your hand and let it warm up while you engage in some foreplay - a jelly lubricant like K-Y® Jelly might be more suited for this method. After a few minutes, your lubricant should be warm enough to be integrated more seamlessly into your intimacy.
From warming lubes to creative foreplay tricks, we hope you enjoy adding a little more heat to your bedroom activities with these personal lubricant warmer tips!