10 ways to take control of your love life

Whether you are single or in a relationship, you should always prioritise your own happiness and sexual pleasure. Take back control over your love life with these 10 tips.

1. Reflect on the past

It’s so easy nowadays to jump from relationship to relationship that we often forget why we are doing it in the first place. Take a step back and reflect on what it is you want from a partner and what is important for you in a relationship. Only then you will be able to find true pleasure and a real connection.

2. Discover yourself

We often think it’s our partner’s job to turn us on. Take control of your own pleasure by asking yourself what turns you on. There are so many experiences for you to enjoy out there. Get creative and start fantasising on your next adventure – whether it’s trying car sex or learning how to sext.

3. Ask more people out

If you are single, don’t wait for people to approach you. Make the first move and take control of the situation. Everything is a gamble, and a risk so you might as well try.

4. Give yourself the advice you’d give a friend

Take a step back and imagine you are trying to help a friend. It will help you to advise on the situation without being directly involved. Would you tell your friend to end the relationship? Or would you tell them that they are in a good situation, and they just need some help to get out of the routine?

5. Go with the flow

Stop worrying about what might happen and enjoy what you have in front of you. We have so many options available to us that it can make your head spin or give you FOMO. Stop the spinning thoughts and just accept whatever is happening.

6. Take a sex class and use your weekend to practice

Couples can learn about the best positions for her and for him, techniques, and toys and props for foreplay in a learning environment that is fun and not intimidating. Check online if there’s a class near you.

7. Get cozy and chill with an erotic movie

Whether it’s alone or with a partner, watching erotic movies can help you discover what works for you. There’s a lot of websites available that are couple-friendly, female-friendly, or queer-friendly.

young couple watching a movie on their tablet while in bed at night

8. Switch it up

Switch up your routine: try car sex, do it in a different room in the house, make it spicy with blindfold sex or include longer foreplay. Something to make it feel like you are on holiday, and everything is possible.

9. Pleasure yourself in front of your partner

Allowing your partner to watch how and where you like to be touched is practising vulnerability that encourages intimacy and can help your relationship. It’s also great as foreplay. Try to incorporate a water-based lube like the K-Y® LUBRICANT - Naturals® Intimate Gel to make you feel more comfortable.

10. Stop single shaming

Humans are social creatures, and we all want to find our better half but there is no shame in being single and taking your time. Take the opportunity to learn about yourself and what you want in life.

We all have a personal responsibility over our own happiness and pleasure. Your brain is the biggest sex organ. Don’t be afraid to dream and take control of your love life!